Meet the Team

We are the creative minds behind Booklerk.

Who Are We?

Booklerk is a family. We are a couple (of architecture graduates) who found their passion in design. Our ambitions, goal-oriented personalities and love for literature have been connecting us with like-minded people for years.

Two designers working on a book cover design.

Your Story is Our Passion

Architects by education, designers by profession and creators by heart.

Whether it was an old city centre, a breath-taking composition or a captivating novel, we were always fascinated by all the unique pieces of the big puzzle around us. Helping people put the pieces of their own puzzle together soon became our passion.

A couple aspiring authors reached out to us and so our story began. A few years and hundreds of satisfied clients later, here we are today, doing our best to visualise thousands of stories, one breath-taking book cover at a time.

We believe that each story is worth telling. Our goal is to help you with your own!

Our Team

Katarina Naskovski from Booklerk - headshot.

Katarina Naskovski

Founder & Art Director

Artistic, ambitious and positive. I enjoy little moments in everyday life which bring a smile to people’s faces.

Milan Mitrović from Booklerk - headshot.

Milan Mitrović

Founder & Creative Director

Creative, driven and focused. I give my best with every little step along the way. If there is a goal, there is a way.

Studio & Process

You Are in Good Hands

We put our heart and soul into every single project. Each idea is unique and our approach is no different.

You have put in a tremendous amount of work in the process of creating your story. Our mission is to make sure that you stand out from millions of others who have done the same.

We are based in Belgrade, Serbia. Most of our clients are overseas. We have worked with people from 50+ countries and 5 continents. We will be more than happy to meet you, so feel free to reach out!

Booklerk design team working on another project.